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A Letter from Latasha


Welcome to the Foundation

One of the reasons I wanted to start a foundation was to be socially responsible on a larger scale. Being an advocate and a giver has always been part of my DNA, which I learned first hand from my paternal grandmother, Flora Pearl Humphrey. She never made anyone feel like they were insignificant or charity; she offered a hand up to people, not a handout. Most importantly, I learned from her the power of building healthy relationships and strong bonds. 


As a foundation, our goal is to build strong, healthy female relationships and partnerships between women and girls. Those relationships are vital to our society and benefits both families and communities. When women and girls are whole and given the tools to successfully walk Life's journey, then we all win. It’s simply about empowering women and girls to support one another while promoting economic empowerment, personal development, education, entrepreneurship, networking, and most of all social enjoyment.


Drawing on our experiences and on conversations with women and girls from all walks of life, we have developed programs and initiatives that invest in our efforts to fulfill our vision, "Bridging The Gap, Building A Legacy" in the lives of women and girls. Although my grandmother Flora is no longer with us (she passed away in 2001 of a massive heart attack), she made a huge impression on my heart and I chose to name this foundation in her honor; I see it as a way to let her light shine through me. 


Thank you for your interest in the Foundation! We hope you will join us in our mission.


Keep The Faith, 

Latasha J. Humphrey

Founder, Flora Pearl Foundation, Inc.
Published Author, Coach, Mentor, Speaker

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