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Mentoring is essential to both WOMEN AND GIRLS. There are always those key pieces of advice or pearls of wisdom that can assist anyone in making a more informed decision. Here, we share guidance about life from leaders in different industries — an extension of FPF’s goal is to promote relationship building and mentorship. During our mentoring workshops, we bring together women and girls which include seasoned elders and leaders who can answer some of life's questions. How do I continue after a storm in my life? How do I know if he loves me? Is God proud of me? How can I discover my purpose in life? We got great advice on questions like these and more from our FPF mentors, leaders, phenomenal faces and sessions.



I Am Woman Business Network, LLC

Founder & CEO

"As a lady there is GREATNESS within you...One of the greatest discoveries is to understand the gift and power that you carry within. It is impossible to embrace the true beauty of who you are holding on to past and present pains. Mind renewal is required to living your best life authentically. Never stop working on YOU."  


Young Professional/Artist

"My word of encouragement to young women today is to never let your mistakes define who you are. Mistakes are a part of life. Find the life lesson in your mistakes, don't look back, and then continue to move forward in wisdom. Perfection is not a requirement but rather a pure and loving heart. Love God with all of your heart, love yourself, respect yourself, and respect others."


Licensed Mental Health Professional

Mediator/Spiritual & Social Servant

"Everyone can learn, they just need different approaches."


I AM Project Girls Mentoring Program 


"ALWAYS stay grounded to what you know is true. God, Family, and Truth."


Walking in constant gratitude prepares a person for divine favor, open doors of opportunity, provision from unexpected sources, and supernatural ability to function at a high level of excellence and integrity.


Join our 40 Days Gratitude Journey along with our Founder; she walked this particular journey leading up to her 40th birthday. She would like to share it with you. ~ Expect great things! 


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