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It all starts with a great idea, then sparks begin to fly and trailblazers are born. 

With perseverance and passion, these young ladies are following their visions and dreams. 

Here, we highlight young female entrepreneurs that inspire us to Go Greater.

Zahreia C. Robinson

Zahreia Christian Robinson was honored at 2014 The Flora Pearl Foundation Presents Matters of the Heart. She is a young female entrepreneur who is the Creative Media Designer and CEO of her own company, Zahreia Christian Robinson Productions. Zahreia is indeed one who inspires others to Go Greater and pursue their dreams.

Gwen Taylor

Gwen "The Wiz" Taylor was honored at 2013 The Flora Pearl Foundation Presents Matters of the Heart. She received the 'Go Greater' Award given to young female entrepreneurs who inspire others to Go Greater. This award is especially for young ladies who are trailblazers and follow their visions and dreams to make them a reality.

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